How you can easy make a lot of money !

Did you know that simple promoting a website like Giggerr is already enough to make some profit from it without creating any gig of yourself.

You simple place you link on websites like this or in forums. Or you place the ready made banners on your own website like this banner example :

And the banner will show as you can see. For each signup that buys or sells a gig you get 1 euro ! So, sit back and relax while your banners can do the work for you. Try it out. Sign up and see how it works !

How to increase traffic to your website ?

Natural Increase Traffic !

Before you start finding any way to increase your traffic to your website in a unnatural way, I would suggest to make sure that you have first traffic in a natural way. What is traffic in a natural way ? Simple. Traffic in a natural way is traffic from people that are really interested in your articles / content. And you can get the traffic if you share your articles on social media like Twitter, Facebook and so on !

Why is it so important to have at least some natural traffic. This is important to make sure that you have at least some content that is interesting for your readers.

You see a lot of people that actual have a website with only one or 2 articles on it that they start promoting. Most of the time people will not be interested in it.

So, before starting to promote your website create interesting content.

Make sure people want to check out your website !

Unnatural Traffic !

There are a lot of ways to get unnatural traffic. But what do I mean with unnatural traffic to a website ? Unnatural traffic will be traffic that, for example is bought for websites like Giggerr or fiverr.


There are many of those website that will promote your website on social media like Facebook and Twitter. But the disadvantage of those gigs is that you do NOT know how they do that ! And where they place the link of your website ? Do you NOT want to control where your link is placed ? If not, then you can use those websites ! Otherwise stay away from it.

But how can you promote yourselves your website so that it will not hurt your website. You can do that with different options like :

(Still updating this article ! Keep coming back for the latest news !)

Good Affiliate Programs

I hear you say it already ! What are the best affiliate programs to use ! How can I become a millionaire ! Where to signup for the best available Affiliate program that there is !

I think it is NOT working like that. (But correct me if I am wrong) I will only signup first of all if I think that the service and or product is good and I believe in it. That even means that sometime I let the big money go because in principle I did not like the service or product.

As you can see on this website I advertise some products, and I want to stand behind it! As soon as a product is NOT good anymore then I will stop promoting it. Even if it means that a part of my income will go away !

But I hear you say “What are now good Affiliate programs?”

There are a lot of good affiliate programs and I will sure talk about a few of them specific.
But in general there are a few affiliate programs that will stick out. The most luck I had with affiliate programs where related to the following :

  • Hosting
  • Adult Content
  • General Affiliate Program
  • Anti Virus Software
  • Holiday’s booking websites

The above 5 categories did it all for me. And beside that I promoted now and then some other (Temporarily) items that made me some extra cash as well.

But again, it is not that you create a website and that you can promote all what you want. Sometimes you simple need to make a selection. You can see that here. At this moment I am not having any traffic to this website because I set it just up. But if over time here comes more traffic I will place here also more ads. Now I focus for example more on website that can generate for me more traffic, so I have signup with exchange websites like
so that I get more traffic to this website. It cost nothing and I get traffic. The only thing you need is some banners !

The only thing I always warn about is that you keep good track on where you actual sign up ! And that you do NOT forget your affiliate program. (Yeah, in the 15 year I found out that that can happen, and that you see that your money is taken away because some rule that stated that after ONE year you can not get it anymore ???)

The FREE affiliate program !

Then there is one other affiliate program and that is what I call the FREE affiliate program. What is that I hear you say ! Simple. If you look at the footnote then you see the
text “Designed by ThemeSpade.” And I leave that there. With that I advertise there website and service. In return I use for free there theme. And I think that is a perfect system.

In this same way I promote on my website other products and / or services I like. I get something in return, and they can get free advertising ! So far what I think are some of the best ways to make a profit with affiliate ! In other articles I will talk about how some affiliate programs work. And I will also talk about how to setup your own affiliate program. But that will be in a other post … See ya !

What is affiliate ?

Before I start telling HOW TO make money with affiliate, you need to know what affiliate is. So let’s start with that !

Affiliate :

When you are a store owner then you want to have customers ! Most of the time you will advertise your product or service on the internet. (In the past most people advertise in news papers and local magazines, but with the internet taking over that is not that much anymore)

But a disadvantage is that it cost you money to advertise. But you can also do something else. You as a store owner can offer other people to advertise for you and give them a percentage of the sale. And that is the affiliate program.

How is this working?

For whatever Affiliate program you need to have a place where you can login and can keep track on the way you can promote the website. (Will make in a later stage here a affiliate program as well!)

To give you a example I use the affiliate program from
All the links are going to the website from They will pay me 1 euro.But they have a simple rule :

Your referral need to buy at least one gig or have
sold at least one gig before your payment will be approved!

In this way they get traffic extra to the website ! And I can share banners and my affiliate link here.

A banner will look like this :

And a link will look like this :

Your referral link is:

You can select the banners in the website after you have logged in as a customer or seller. (You can do both with one account) And this is a nice way to make some extra money.

So far this first example. Later on I will answer some questions as well ! But now I will correct first some things in the website layout ! I will keep on writing about this ! And will make some video’s as well !

Hello Affiliate world!

When you are reading this then it is because you are interested in affiliate like I am. With this blog I will not only give away advice about  affiliate, but also tell my experience with it over the last 15 plus years ! Because I start today (18 June 2017) with it you will see that there is now NOT much here ! But that will change over time ….

I will update this post in the future ! Soon more !